Our Services

We aim to be the best welding and fabrication company in the country and widen our range of services to the oil and gas industries internationally. Our range of services include:

  • Valves

    Gate valves,  Globe valves  (Stop, Stop – check, non-return), Check valves  (Swing, Duo check), Ball valves , Butterfly valves  (wafer, lug, flanged, high performance), Storm valves  (angle, vertical, horizontal), Hose valves  (straight, angle, 30 degree, couplings)

  • Leasing of Equipment

    ROT has in stock a large variety of engineering equipment and tools for hiring for any activity and the offers are very flexible. These equipment ranges from Generators of different capacity to Ford F350 with Aerial bucket for higher works.

  • Fencing

    We do advise and undertake different kinds of fencing projects for clients (example coated/galvanized chainlink and meshed fencing, concrete/block wall fencing, etc.)

  • Mast & Towers

    Rot constructs for its clients, mast and towers which are basically used in the area of telecommunication and broadcasting as transmission towers. In building our Mast and Towers, we critically examine our client’s specification and advise accordingly to ensure that safety measures are implemented. All our mast and towers are self-supporting due to the efficient use of high quality and high strength steel.

  • Constructing of Container Offices

    The use of containers by businesses is gradually  becoming a convention and a must have for most organizations these days, as they can so easily be used as permanent or mobile offices, security post, storage and for other different purposes. We are expects in the designing, construction and converting of containers into different shapes and forms for use as offices and other purposes for our clients. We are able to make them secure, safe, air conditioned and customized to clients specifications such as ablutions, sleeping cabs, stores etc.

  • Casting

    We are in production of non-ferrous metals both in sand casting & die casting

  • Sandblasting

    We use it as a means to de-rust metals, conveyors, channel irons and the likes from its bad state to a very good state and spray them under a limited time frame to avoid corrosion. Such Sandblasting services can be undertaken both at the client’s site or ours and in doing this; we adhere to strict laws and safety regulations.

  • Tool making

    We endeavour to gain an in-depth understanding of your ideas to inform design of machinery and equipment for diverse production applications; Produce dies and castings to meet specific needs rather than importing should the need arise and any other works in the engineering sector.

  • Assembly and Dismantling

    We provide dismantling services of machinery and equipment during relocation and use a special numbering system to facilitate re-installation if need be.

  • Installation of machinery and prefabricated steel structures

    We install all types of equipment such as pneumatic presses, fencing, cable way installations for transporting agricultural produce, humans etc. We also advise on, fabricate and assembly of steel structures e.g. warehouses, roof structure and roofing/cladding etc.

  • Fabrication

    We put together complex welding with modifications and excellent finish.