At Run on Time, our approach to client care, service delivery, management practices, and our culture, are all driven by the understanding that the delivery of engineering services is not an end in itself.

Run on Time employs a team-approach towards helping clients plan and build steel structures and equipment as well as the fabrication of steel components for a wide range of applications. To accomplish this, we bring together a network of highly qualified Engineers with a technical job design specification, job schedule and a job safety analysis to understand what our client’s needs are. This helps us to deliver to tight deadlines and incorporate our broad experience in relevant disciplines to form project teams best suited for specific projects.

 Our Competitive Advantage

Thanks to technology, our small, lean, and flexible practice is able to deliver timely, high quality engineering services that respond to client needs in a cost efficient manner.  We draw on the capabilities of our network of engineers with specialized know how in other areas.  Run on Time uses modernized tools and technology to speed service delivery.

Run on Time has the expertise to closely follow both domestic and international engineering working trends in order to understand the environment in which our clients operate.  By this, we are able to provide solutions that help our clients achieve their business objectives combined with safety.

Our Hallmark

Our hallmark is to ensure that every project we undertake is delivered ON TIME!!!